Relativity - Emarosa

— 1 minute read

This album has one of the best opening tracks, ever. I remember when a pal of mine originally shared it with me, they sent me a zip in MSN Messenger (naughty, yes) and said “make sure you are sat down when you listen to this, and listen to it very loudly”. He was right, you know, because that opening bar blew my goddamn mind and I was hooked for a good few months after that.

Needless to say, I bought the heck out of the CD, not just because I loved the album, but also because the cover art is stunning.

Without a doubt, Relativity is in my top 10 albums, because I think it’s not very far at all, from utter perfection. The track, “Heads or Tails? Real Or Not”, is in fact, absolute perfection of the highest order, though.