Houses Of The Holy - Led Zeppelin

— 1 minute read

I was brought up on stuff like Led Zeppelin by my Dad. I fully credit him for my ridiculously eclectic music tastes because of all the amazing music he used to play us at home, and in the car. Even now, whenever we are in the car together, Zeppelin comes out.

Picking a favourite Led Zeppelin album is hard, but this one always pips the rest. It’s also in my top 10 albums.

The opening track, “The Song Remains The Same” gets me every time because it’s just classic, high-energy Zeppelin. Then finally, my favourite ever Zeppelin track, “Over The Hills And Far Away” is on here. That my friends, is musical perfection.

This is just a very well-balanced album that in my opinion, shows the band off in the best possible way.